Rock Your Presentation book coverRock Your Presentation – A new guide to speaking with passion (Little Brown, UK), published April 2016, draws on Nigel's experience of speaking at major corporate events around the world. It is both inspirational and practical, helping the reader to give more compelling, passionate, and memorable talks and pitches. Unlike traditional presentation skills, which focus more on logic, Rock Your Presentation helps you touch people's emotions. Order Rock Your Presentation online at

Re-think: How to think differentlyRe-Think: How to think differently is Nigel Barlow's book on everyday creativity that can be applied equally to personal or business life, to find a better or different answer to familiar problems. It is accompanied by conference presentations and creative team sessions. Re-Think is an ongoing project. We are collecting examples of great re-thinks, famous, or not so famous, so please email with your ideas, experiences, and comments on the book. You can order Re-Think now. Buy Re-Think from


Batteries Included! Creating Legendary Customer ServiceBatteries Included! Creating Legendary Customer Service is about creativity, change, and customers. Tom Peters says, "Nigel's Barlow's book is simply brilliant! Is there anything left to say about superior customer service? The answer is obviously a resounding 'yes'. This book proves it!"

The last two decades have seen the rise of the service economy, where image and customer perceptions are crucially important in building a successful business. Nigel Barlow draws on two decades of experience in 20 countries to argue that the age of service has failed to deliver on its promises. He goes far beyond the standard business-speak cliches of customer service to show why merely satisfying customers is not enough. He explores with original examples and firsthand experiences why service so often falls short of customer expectations, and shows how to think and act to create legendary service in the reader's own organization.


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