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Rock Your Presentation – A new guide to speaking with passion (Little Brown, UK), published April 2016, draws on Nigel's experience of speaking at major corporate events around the world. It is both inspirational and practical, helping the reader to give more compelling, passionate, and memorable talks and pitches. Unlike traditional presentation skills, which focus more on logic, Rock Your Presentation helps you touch people's emotions. Order Rock Your Presentation online at


Rock Your Presentation will save your audience from:

  • Boredom
  • Being drowned by PowerPoint
  • A sudden impulse to leave the room
  • Losing the will to live

This unnecessary suffering is caused by presentations, lectures, and pitches that are as mind-numbering as muzak.

As an antidote, Rock Your Presentation will show you how to make your messages really strike home. It will improve your ability to give any presentation or talk in a more engaging, passionate, and memorable way.


Part 1. Making Your Material Rock

Chapter One: Your Three-Minute Song

Use a novel structure to make your talk more exciting, engaging, and memorable.

Chapter Two:Set The Stage

Create a speaker's 'rider' – preparing your environment and audience.

Chapter Three: The Power Chords Of Speaking

Write stories, word pictures, and lyrics that illuminate your message.

Part 2. Rocking Your Audience

Chapter Four: Sound And Vision – A Punk Guide To Life By PowerPoint

Experience a vocal and visual tune-up that avoids death by PowerPoint.

Chapter Five: Perform

Understand the physical side of stagecraft – using your passion and your imperfections.

Chapter Six: Rock The Crowd

Create interaction, getting the listeners' voices and minds into the room.

Chapter Seven: Rock Your Pitch Up

A top ten of essential methods to grab attention.

Part 3. Achieving Mastery In Speaking

Chapter Eight: Get Experienced – Learning From The Masters

Explore what it means to develop your craft as a speaker.

Chapter Nine: The Zen Of Presenting

Tune into your audience...

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