Re-think: How to think differentlyRe-Think: How to think differently is Nigel Barlow's book on everyday creativity that can be applied equally to personal or business life, to find a better or different answer to familiar problems. It is accompanied by conference presentations and creative team sessions. Re-Think is an ongoing project. We are collecting examples of great re-thinks, famous, or not so famous, so please email with your ideas, experiences, and comments on the book. You can order Re-Think now. Buy Re-Think from

Noun, verb.
(1) To discover different, better, or new ways of approaching familiar problems and situations.
(2) To develop a range of methods of achieving this.
(3) To have the courage to put these ideas into practice.
Ref. Barlow’s Creative Dictionary, Oxford, 2006.
Noun, verb.
(1) To evaluate and judge an idea even before you’ve fully heard it.
(2) An attitude that’s adverse to fresh thinking.
(3) Having the mindset of a critic rather than a creator.
Ref. Barlow’s Creative Dictionary, Oxford, 2006.

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