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Rock Your Presentation – Speaking With Passion

In the digital Age we’ve all become mildly ADHD, our mental bandwidth stretch by the demands of technology and information overload. More than ever, our messages have to be compelling, succinct, and exciting if they are to cut through all this noise and strike home. And they need to touch people’s emotion. Based on the ideas in Nigel’s new book, this dynamic Keynote and Workshop will:

  • Energise and Inspire
  • Spark Creativity
  • Release Passion
  • Inspire Audiences
  • Enliven Presentations

'Rock' is used in two ways” its everyday meaning of shaking things up and stirring emotions, and powerful lessons drawn from what makes great music so intense and memorable.


  • Beyond presentation skills – Logic + Emotion
  • Unleash your passion
  • Why speak? Your beliefs
  • Set the stage – Environment and audience
  • Your 3-minute song – strong openings, climaxes & choruses
  • Tweet size – Short and succinct
  • Lyrics matter! Paint word pictures and tell stories
  • Sound and Vision – Life by PowerPoint
  • Perform! Break barriers and make an impact
  • When to go ‘unplugged’
  • Rock the crowd – Engaging the audience
  • Shake your pitch up – The Top Ten
  • On being yourself
  • Practical applications to real presentations

The Style of the session is energetic, fun, and immersive, ideally using real situations where the delegates have to put over their ideas. Each event is researched and tailored, and runs from one hour to a full day.

Your Audience will leave fired up, ready to banish boredom and ‘death by powerpoint’ from the conference room, lecture theatre, or classroom.

From the moment Nigel steps on stage he challenges your prejudices, questions your perceptions and rocks your world with his high energy. Then he really gets started… quirky and  inspiring, he broadens your horizons whilst never losing the empathy which is necessary to bring you along with him so you learn to see things in a new way and act accordingly.

Nick Kirkland
CEO, CIO Connect


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